• 1 BTC = $ 9233.63
  • 1 ETH = $ 656.426
  • 1 LTC = $ 149.694


Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized and can be easily taken down. They also require registration and verification. Smart Decentralization Exchange was created to change all, keep it anonymous, safety for traders.
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December 25 - 30 GMT

The blockchain is yet to make a significant breakout as a global exchange’s base. Transparency, safety and anonymity should be the values taken as the priorities for new exchanges on the market. Smart Decentralized was born to be a leader in this industry as we plan to incorporate all the useful features from centralized exchanges and enrich them with all the advantages that come with blockchain technology.
You can buy it direct on website during ICO by sign up an account.
The answer is yes. You can buy SDE by BTC, ETH and LTC
Lending Program helping SDE Holders maximized profit upto 1.6% per day
Partner Program helping SDE Holders maximized profit by invite their friends and get upto 8 Levels Profit
Pool Program, We sharing our profit by collect fees and sharing it to our SDE Holders
Stacking Program helping SDE Holders maximized profit upto 15% per month by keeping their token in wallet